Storm Door

Storm Door

Here at Missouri Storm Shelters we are going above and beyond to provide homeowners every option possible when it comes to protecting their families. We are now proud to add Tornado Resistant Storm Doors to that category. Using the same design and engineering that went into constructing our top of the line Safe Rooms, and Storm Shelters we were able to create a door that can be integrated into nearly every design application.

These doors come in varying design, dependent on the needs of the homeowner, and in some circumstances can be retrofitted once your home has been completed. If you are just starting the design process make sure to contact our office, there are a few specifics that we need to provide you with for both proper installation and safety for what you value most.

Constructed of 3/16 steel framework, door skin, and channel this shelter is designed with safety and security in mind. Our doors open inward with an interior override handle that prevents persons on the interior from being locked inside and also have removable ventilation covers for emergency access into the shelter. Looking to store valuables inside your shelter but need a more secure option? Ask one of our representatives about your options to upgrade your door. Looking to use your shelter as a panic room? Our shelter door was recently tested to withstand many commonly used firearms giving you peace of mind no matter what the situation.

Prices Starting at $2200

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